Intel: Pack The Sled

film score / sound design


Client: Intel
Platform: Digital Campaign
Agency: MRM

Production: North Kingdom



Pack The Sled is an interactive experience that follows Polar Explorer Ben Saunders and his fellow adventurer, Tarka L’Herpiniere, on the longest unsupported polar journey in history.

The Scott Expedition will attempt to re-trace and complete Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s 1,800 mile (2,900 km) Terra Nova Expedition route from Ross Island to the South Pole and back. They will undertake the journey on foot, without resupply and without the use of snow-kites or other wind assistance. Captain Robert Scott and his four companions died on their way back from the South Pole in 1912 and since then no expedition has completed the return journey on his route

One of the coldiest, driest, windiest and  most inaccessible places on earth, there’s no room for error when packing for a polar expedition in Antarctica. Slip into Ben and Tarka’s shoes and learn a little more about what goes into each of their sleds. Plus, thanks to Intel, have a go at packing one yourself.


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