SVT Julkalendern 2015 Mobile and Online Games

Composition, Scoring, Sound Design, Foley, Musical Supervision


Client: SVT
Platform: Mobile and Online Game
Production: North Kingdom


Tusen År Till Julafton

MindFunk has once again teamed up with North Kingdom to create a magical game for this years SVT Julkalender (Sweden’s nationally televised Christmas Calendar series).

MindFunk has composed and produced the music for transition and gameplay sections as well as the final historical house segment. We have also acted as musical supervisors for each historical segment, editors for both historical music and the intro vignette (written by Mauro Scocco) and have produced all sound effects using foley techniques and props.

The musical production features live string sections with special thanks to Karin Ebbersten from the Västerås Symphony Orchestra. (Västerås Sinfonietta)

A big Bravo and applause to SVT and North Kingdom for producing a whimsical, fanciful and pedagogical experience!

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SVT Julkalendern 2015 Mobile and Online Games

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