SJ Prio Christmas Campaign

Digital Campaign


Client: SJ (Swedish National Railroad)
Platform: Digital Campaign
Agency: MRM
Production: MRM



We were to arrange and produce a piece based on a traditional Irish Folk Song in the style of Riverdance that would fit with the Christmas vibe and could provide a aural backdrop in which to animate small, flash-jamming, Tomtar (santa-like elves) in Stockholm’s Central Station.

We contacted Christy O’Leary of the popular Irish folk band The Boys of the Lough.

After choosing the wonderfully happy and uptempo Kesh Jig and having a vision of 50 tap dancers, we set to laying down instrumental tracks.

Christy was brilliant, laying down track after track of both high and low Whistles, Uilleann Pipes and Fiddle.

Having inspirational raw material, we then set out to arrange the jig into a Broadway styled piece. We then added Guitar, Bass and played many tracks of percussion in-house including Clackamore, Skin Drums, Jews Harp, Clay Pots and Wood Blocks, which were used to emulate the tap-dancing rhythms in a lilting 6/8 time signature.

Here is the result:

SJ Prio Christmas Campaign