Tom Tom Map Paradise



Client: Tom Tom
Platform: Internet
Agency: Pool Worldwide
Production: North Kingdom


Tom Tom’s Map Paradise was a campaign that allows users to compete for exotic island vacations in order to map each island for TomToms map databases.

We were given the direction to create an Island theme for the intro…we took it a step further and suggested that we take each island – Fiji, Mauritius, Seychelles, St. Lucia and Cabo Verde and arrange a separate piece for each of them based on the indigenous musical styles and instrumentation of each island.

We then produced 5 variations of the central theme in such styles as Coladeira, Sega, Seggae, Fijian Traditional, Zouk and Reggae.

Many of the instruments used in these recordings are the traditional native instruments of the regions such as Ukelele, Djembes, Caxixi, Udu, Triangles, Fijian blocks and African Rattles (yes, we love percussion).

Take a musical tour of each island

TomTom_Fiji – Traditional

TomTom_Cabo Verde – Coladiera

TomTom  Mauritius – Sega

TomTom_Seychelles – Seggae

TomTom_St.Lucia – Calypso


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Tom Tom Map Paradise